Campusleben digital

The »Deutsches Studentenwerk« invites students to create posters. The poster competition takes place once a year, and is specifically aimed at higher education topics. This year’s task is called »Campusleben digital«. Students of the semester class »Methods and Tools of creation« interpreted this topic in creative ways.

Poster with the Title Me and my friends

Group Meeting

Nele Muhle, Jan Bonkamp

The poster visualizes Online-Lectures in the students’ first semester, which makes it difficult to get into contact with other students. They all stay strangers by not meeting each other face to face.

This poster was honored in the competitionen. It was one of 29 chosen posters out of 692.


Nadim al Masri

The »WHYFI«-symbol is used to visualize the relationship between students and professors with reduced means. The online symbol becomes a digital lecture hall.


Ellen Technau, Veronika Wisniewski, Philipp Schmidt

Symbols we meet in digital contexts explain the students’ situation during the Corona pandemic. They express the situation of being excluded and not being able to take part in a visually reduced way.

Offline Study

Lynn Uhrlaub

The poster shows the students’ life during the pandemic. It visualizes the difficulties of online studying, and the loss of motivation. There are a lot of distractions while staying at home. Because of the growing distance between university and students, the poster is called »offline study«.

Intoxication of Senses

Lara Broemstrup, Mathis Handel, Kim Pettke, Jasne-Marie Walden

On the one hand, the poster series visualizes daily problems with technical issues using digital communication. On the other hand, it shows the emotional effects when having these problems. Therefore common symbols of online communication are used.

Digital Masks

Büsra Buluntu, Maren Junge, Julia Scheunemann

The poster series shows the difficulties of online learning, especially the great anonymity of all participants. Masks symbolize these distorted perceptions. In the digital world, it is easy to hide or to be someone else. Who knows?


Digitalization Offensive

Jonathan Knodel, Sebastian Pelka, Klaas Rösch

In a satirical way, the digitalization of the german education system is addressed. The Corona pandemic revealed a lot of weaknesses.

Study where others spent their holidays

Marius Höhnel, Finn Kuhlmann, Julius Sclavi

During the pandemic, students have to stay outside and take part in lectures by joyning online meeting rooms. The photography shows the dull situation of students sitting in the rain in front of a closed university.

Friends or Strangers

Philipp Schmidt, Ellen Technau, Veronika Wisniewski

The poster expresses how we see faces during the pandemic. Computer screens are the only way to see each user and to get to know other students.

Daily Excuses

Lara Broemstrup, Mathis Handel, Kim Pettke, Jasne-Marie Walden

This poster series handles the daily excuses of students in online lectures. It focuses on technical problems and the resulting anonymity.

Side Effects

Anne Güpner, Janina Reusch, Natalie Stern

This poster is inspired by medicine advertising of the 80th. Medicine was presented without any side effects: positive impact at all. Risks are only exposed in the small print.

This poster was shortlisted for the top 100 in the competition.