Help me

The design course »Help me« deals with the conception and design of a campaign for the social organization »Elsener Tisch«. The organization cares for people in need by supplying food and important goods for everyday needs.

Rene Roeterink, Julia Queda – Poster Elsener Tisch


Julia Queda & René Roeterink

Everyone can support people in need. The poster campaign uses fingerprints to symbolize how individual help can be. Basic needs like charity, food, time and security are shown on the poster series.

Campaign for Elsener Tisch – Give a little time
Campaign for Elsener Tisch
Tatjana Bartsch – Elsener Tisch Campaign

Typo Images

Tatjana Bartsch

The poster series tells little stories about people in need and their daily worries. To emphasize the content the text is visualized in the shape of the things that are spoken about. Appealing colors arouse attention. At the same time, the campaign informs about the work of the organization »Elsener Tisch«.

Tajana Bartsch – Poster series Typo Images

Fill the gap

Saskia Rühmkorf

The campaign is based on the german saying »ein Loch im Bauch haben« (whole in the stomach) which stands for being hungry. Wholes are used on every medium to symbolize the missing foods. The wholes are filled with round illustrations of different foods to fill the gap.

Saskia Rühmkorf – Elsener Tisch Flyer
Gegen das Loch im Bauch Broschüren
Elvira_Kalinowski_Julia_Wesslén – Poster Campaign

No money, no meal

Elvira Kalinowski & Julia Wesslén

The campaign wants people to donate money for the organization »Elsener Tisch« so that they can provide food to people in need. Therefore the posters use german sayings, which include synonyms for money. Funnily they visualize these sayings by serving the synonym for money on a plate.

Elvira Kalinowski, Julia Wesslen – no money, no food campaign

Bring color into life

Wiebke Lücke

The poster series explains what »Elsener Tisch« means to poor people. The organization brings color into their lives by supplying food and other supports.

Wiebke Lück – Poster Campaign Elsener Tisch
Maximilian Heger – Elsener Tisch Campaign

It’s serious

Maximilian Heger

These posters show how important the work of the organization »Elsener Tisch« is. They use the ambiguous text »Es geht um die Wurst« which seems to be funny at first glance. But by taking a deeper look it explains the serious situation of poor people.

Maximilian Heger – Elsener Tisch Campaign Hotdog
Maximilian Heger – Elsener Tisch Campaign Bread
Maximilian Heger – Elsener Tisch Campaign sausage