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In this semester’s course, the assignment was to create a digital guide for anything the students wanted. They had to choose the topic and design a prototype, which explains how to do something and provides the necessary information step by step. At the same time, the guide has to be user-friendly and simplify a process.
Lisa Kamysz App Design Elements

Mix Trix

Lisa-Maria Kamysz

This mobile app offers cocktail recipes in a new way. The cocktail is prepared on the user’s smartphone step by step using videos to get the feeling of creating a drink right in his hand. Additionally, this technique offers the possibility of determining the preparation’s speed according to his experience or preferences: steps can be skipped or the whole recipe can be seen at once. By simply unfolding the desired cocktail in the menu, the user can see which ingredients are needed and with one touch he can add them to a shopping list. Besides the shopping list function, the app offers a favorite and an equipment area that allows the user to save his favorite recipes and specify which equipment is required to prepare a cocktail. These features together with the new way of instruction should distinguish this app from other recipe platforms and strongly improve the user experience.

Lisa Kamysz App Logo and Menu
Lisa Kamysz App favorites
Lisa Kamysz App Navigation and Video
Lisa Kamysz App receipe mixer
Lisa Kamysz App Shopping List and Equipment
Lisa Kamysz App Cocktails
Lisa Kamysz App Grid
Lisa Kamysz App for Cocktails
Lisa Kamysz App Color Code
Lisa Kamysz App Logo
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Heemskerk Lengner Website about


Lena Lengner & Mara Heemskerk

Tentventure is an online travel guide, where the user can find information in different categories about how to travel. It focusses on outdoor traveling, which comprises topics like finding a travel buddy, camping in a tent or a camper van, cooking, gathering the right equipment or finding the perfect destination for your adventure.

»Grab your tent and go!« is the fitting slogan of the outdoor travel guide. The whole idea is to develop this website in an easily changeable and expandable way so it can be an always growing project for the future. With the lookalike of the logo and the layout of the website, a unique corporate identity for our brand is created.

Heemskerk Lengner Website Typography and big Image
Heemskerk Lengner Website
Heemskerk Lengner Camping Website
Heemskerk Lengner Website Page
Heemskerk Lengner Website Slider
Heemskerk Lengner Website outdoor cooking
Heemskerk Lengner Website destination
Heemskerk Lengner Website organization
Heemskerk Lengner Website equipment
Heemskerk Lengner Website travel buddies
Heemskerk Lengner Website Wireframes
Heemskerk Lengner Website Logo
Heemskerk Lengner Website Logo Variations
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Heemskerk Lengner Website Typography
Heemskerk Lengner Website Typography Quotation
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Video abspielen

Cloud Atlas

Emil Oelke

Cloud Atlas is a guide that offers knowledge about the weather in an interactive way. Users can learn what kind of clouds exist. The user can change environmental restrictions and change the weather by doing so. The website has four control sliders. Each of them has an important value to control the sky. The four values are wind velocity, time of day, humidity and temperature. All control sliders react to each other to simulate the interplay of the four forces.

Emil Oelke Website Cloud Atlas
Emil Oelke Learning Page
Emil Oelke Website Illustrations
Emil Oelke Weather Application
Emil Oelke Website Cloud Atlas Menu
Emil Oelke Website Hover Function
Kleier Baumanns Website Start Page

How to Aupair

Claire Baumanns & Ann-Kathrin Kleier

»How to aupair « is a website from aupairs to aupairs. It provides a lot of information and tips for future aupairs. To achieve a personal feeling on the site all headlines are written in lowercase letters. Pictures are taken by the students themselves during their stay as an aupair in the USA. Travel-quotations should raise the desire to travel and experience what the quotes are about.

Kleier Baumanns Website navigation
Kleier Baumanns Website arrival
Kleier Baumanns Website departure
Kleier Baumanns Website rematch
Kleier Baumanns Website about us
Kleier Baumanns Website comments
Kleier Baumanns Website Contact
Kleier Baumanns Website Logo
Kleier Baumanns Website Logo Variations
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Kleier Baumanns Website Grid
Kleier Baumanns Website Menu Grid
Olga Rogozhyna Website Strawberry


Olga Rogozhyna

Strapple is the seasonal fruits’ guide which contains useful information about different fruits, their nutrition value, and vitamin content. The name  »Strapple« includes a combination of strawberry and apple. Along with the basic information, Strapple provides a seasonal calendar, where users can select a month and see which fruits are recommended to buy this month. The Strapple Guide also offers tips on how to choose fruits on the market. Moreover, the guide shows delicious smoothies recipes. The presented fruits can be interactively turned around. The student used 3D-Photography to show them from all sides.

Olga Rogozhyna Website Impression
Olga Rogozhyna Website 3D Photography
Olga Rogozhyna Website Detail Information
Olga Rogozhyna Website 3D Photography
Olga Rogozhyna Website 3D Photography
Olga Rogozhyna Website Photography
Olga Rogozhyna Website Main Page
Olga Rogozhyna Website Calendar
Olga Rogozhyna Website Desktop Version
Olga Rogozhyna Website Logo
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Olga Rogozhyna Website Design Elements
Olga Rogozhyna Website 3D Design
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Olga Rogozhyna Website Illustration and Typography