Please Wait

Please Wait is a design project in the area of editorial design. In this class, students were invited to design a calendar with the subject of waiting. The topic waiting could be interpreted in different ways: philosophically, playfully, abstract, concrete, applied, personal, funny…

Sketch it Editorial Design

Sketch it

Saskia Rühmkorf

The calendar »Sketch it« helps to enjoy waiting times as you can work on different tasks. The calendar has a japanese binding. You can rip off the calendar pages and find some surprising features. A hint is given on the calendar page which has to be opened.

Sketch it – Calender pages
Rip off the pages of the calendar
Sketch it Book
Sketch it Book Typography Detail
Calendar typography detail
calendar pagination
Rene Roeterink – Urban Waiting Calendar in 3D

Urban Waiting

René Roeterink

The calendar »Urban Waiting« shows photographies of urban city places. These places deal with waiting on second glance.

Urban Waiting Photography
Urban Waiting Calendendar Typography
Sandra Becker – Work Book Cover

Work Book

Sandra Becker

A lot of working people are waiting for the weekend for the whole week. For those people, Sandra Becker designed a calendar that helps to shorten the waiting time and to entertain during working.

Sandra Becker – Work Book Calendar
Sandra Becker – Work Book Calendar
Sandra Becker – Work Book Assignments
Sandra Becker – Work Book Typography Detail
Fabien Heide – Turning Calendar

Turning Calendar

Fabien Heide

The »Turning Calendar« supports a more fulfilled life. By removing and turning the different foils, the user is supposed to get in touch with his environment and become more attentive. Everything that makes happy, can to be noticed on the foil. At the end of the month, the user has a foil full of words that stand for his happiness.

Fabien Heide – Calendar Month
Fabien Heide – Calendar Packaging
Fabien Heide – Turning Calendar Instructions
Fabien Heide – Turning Calendar Quote
School Diary Editorial Design

Waiting for Holidays

Lisa Aenstoots

Students love holidays. And during school, they spent their time waiting for holidays. This calendar supports them by giving students little tasks that help the time go by.

School Diary Task
Lisa Aenstoots – School Diary Pages