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The children’s foundation »Lesen bildet« (reading is educational) supports the reading skills and education of children. Every child should have the possibility to read. Communication ideas are supposed to draw special attention to the foundation’s topics and show how important reading can be.

Emil Oelke, Alica Kern – Happy End Campaign
Emil Oelke, Alica Kern – Reading leads to happy end

Happy End

Alica Kern & Emil Oelke

The campaign shows famous fairy tales, but the key visuals visualize bad endings. And without reading the fairy tale one never gets to know the real ending. So for a happy end, it is necessary to have the ability to read. The claim »Care for a Happy End« explains this on the one hand, and on the other hand, it calls for donations to enable children to have a happy end.

Emil Oelke, Alica Kern – Fairy Tail Campaign
Emil Oelke, Alica Kern – Reading Poster Campaign
Emil Oelke, Alica Kern – Campaign for children’s foundation
Emil Oelke, Alica Kern – Reading Campaign
Kinderstiftung_Poster_Campaign Citylight
Kinderstiftung_Poster_Campaign Citylight
Diana Paravandishili – Pictogram Alphabet


Diana Palavandishvili

Diana Palavandishvili used the corporate design of the foundation. She extended the existing pictogram system to establish an initial sound table. An initial sound table is a reading aid that is applied in primary school to help children learn to read. Every letter is paired with a pictogram that begins with this letter. The idea behind this is to make people remember the time when they were learning to read. The campaign uses posters to communicate messages build of this pictogram alphabet.

Diana Paravandishili – Pictogram Posters
Diana Paravandishili – Pictogram Campaign
poster mockup
Victoria Sabath – Paper Animals Poster
Kinderstiftung_poster-Victoria Sabath – Reading Campaign Poster Pigeon

Paper Animals

Victoria Sabath

The key visuals of this campaign work with animals that are build of book pages. The claims refer to the shown picture. Sayings like »smart like a fox« or »strong as a lion« explain the attributes and skills that you get by reading.

Victoria Sabath – Reading Campaign Poster Lion


Urs Schary

»vorlesenlassen« is a website where visitors get the possibility to read special texts, books or poetry. Special about this website is that readers can record their voice. Visitors can also listen to what others read and rate this. So that will push the learning motivation by including feedback and self-reflection.

Marie Theres Demuth – Children Foundation Campaign
Marie Theres Demuth – Campaign Jim Knopf

Reading makes strong

Marie Theres Demuth

The idea is to present popular children’s book characters in situations that are obviously unwanted, such as Astrid Lingren’s Pippi Longstocking having lost all her strength so she cannot even lift her horse anymore. These book heroes’ skills are meaningless if there are no children who are a witness. People are encouraged to donate so that the characters find back their strengths and children can be strong with them.

Svenja Rothländer, Robin Hill – Today I am Campaign
Svenja Rothländer, Robin Hill – Today I am Poster Unicorn

Today I am

Svenja Rothländer & Robin Hill

With books it is possible to dive into new worlds, using fantasy to experience fictional characters, places, and stories. One day you are at the sea, another day you are a princess or part of a nightmare. With books, you can be whatever you can imagine. The posters visualize these thoughts in the form of a shadow that spreads out of a book.

Svenja Rothländer, Robin Hill – Today I am Poster Dragon
Svenja Rothländer, Robin Hill – Campaign Poster Thriller